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Membership Benefits

Association & Participation

LNBA membership allows you to help shape the development of the law in Liberia and much more

Legal Research & Education

Your LNBA membership align and positioned you for continue legal education and research development

Social connections & Entertainment

Your LNBA membership strategically link you to the right connections economic and social diffidence

Generally, Attorneys are distinguished from Counsellors by the number of years of practice. However, the specific distinction lies in the fact that Counsellors are those lawyers who after five years of practice of law in Liberia, have sat, and passed the Supreme Court Bar Examination; and have therefore, been qualified and admitted in the Honorable, the Supreme Court of Liberia Bar. Such a lawyer can practice law before all courts in Liberia including the Supreme Court. Attorney, however are not permitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Liberia and thus cannot file any document in their own name(s) before that court. The LNBA also has affiliate members, who are law students of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

Join the LNBA

LNBA membership is limited to Liberians who are graduates of any recognized law school in Liberia or abroad. Such persons must have sat and passed the bar exam, and is thereafter, qualified and admitted to practice law in Liberia.

Membership in this regard is in twofold, Attorneys-At-Law and Counsellors-At-Law.

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